Multiple natural tree branches platform perch or play-stand for small & medium pet birds

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What is it?

This is a pet bird perch having many natural branches. It is a standing perch with a stable base. It can be used in cage or out-of-cage for small and medium cage bird pets such as parakeet, budgies, finches, cockatiel, lovebirds etc 

Features and benefits

  • Your pet bird(s) will enjoy the feel and touch of natural materials as well as the choice of perching on multiple branches. The bird perch is made of bird-safe natural tree branch.
  • Branches are bendy, each branch having branchlets to mimic a tree branch in a natural habitat. Due to multiple branches, it is not just a perch, it is a play stand.
  • Helps birds socialise among themselves through close perching and playing together.   
  • Very stable platform on which the perch stands. 
  • Each branch and the platform are individually removable and reinstalled easily.  The product can be easily installed manually by fitting screws. For safety, all screw joints are not visible and are unreachable to the birds.
  • 100% ecofriendly.
  • The size and dimension to suit typical small or medium pet bird and size of cage. The size of wood is comfortable for bird feet.  
  • The perch is 12" tall, 11" wide.  

    Your bird may require many toys because one toy may not fulfill the entire requirement for exercise, health and fun life.


    • Your pet birds may initially hesitate to use the perch. A bit of coaxing may be required with some grains and fruits placed in such a way to encourage it perching on it.

    Country of Origin: India

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    Thank you for contributing to our natural world!