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PRODUCT NAME: Double swing perch with wooden beads for small and medium size pet birds such as parakeet, budgies (budgerigar), finches, cockatiel, lovebirds etc

USES: For use by pet birds to perch or swing on it, whether inside a cage or outside.

UNIQUE BENEFITS: Typically, bird swings are attached with a metal hook or tied with a rope that makes them swing and rotate at a same time, rather unstable. This swing eliminates that problem for birds. This bird swing swings like a pendulum, it will not swing wildly or rotate. What's more, this product has 2 swings in it. Double fun!  

BIRD-SAFE MATERIALS: Made of bird-safe wood or bamboo. The beads are wooden, without bark. Natural materials, no plastics or harmful chemicals or nails. Colors used are edible food colours. Safe for birds to peck, bite or play with.

SIZE: The size and dimension to suit typical small or medium pet bird and size of cage. 6 inch both wide and high. Two swings are 6" apart too. Enough space for two pet birds to enjoy, socialise, play and have fun.

INSTALLATION: You can easily install it in the cage. The swings come installed onto the main wooden bar. So, simply attach or hook the swings using both the metal hooks (on the main wooden bar) onto the cage. Use your creativity to place them to help your birds derive maximum fun and exercise.

    HEALTHY BENEFITS TO BIRDS: Encourage swinging and perching, safe for biting or pecking on natural wood beads. Different beads (woods) and attractive colours to play with.  


    • Your pet birds may initially hesitate to use the swing toys. A bit of coaxing may be required with some grains and fruits placed in such a way to encourage it perching on it.
    • It is healthy to keep your pet toys dry at all times. 
    • Change the placement and location of this bird toy regularly. This will help to mitigate boredom and improve exercise in different positions.

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