Oval shape cane serving tray, handmade serving tray with handle

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Product name : Oval shape cane serving tray

Uses: As a regular or occasional serving tray for tea, coffee, snacks or a placeholder for small items on your table etc.

Material: Handwoven from round (not split) cane or rattan. Round cane is a lot more stronger and long lasting than split cane.

Style and Finish:

  • Oval shape.
  • Handmade, rustic, natural aesthetics. Varnished for smooth appearance and protection. 
  • Border has a handle for easy grip. 
  • Very sturdy and long lasting since material used is round cane, unlike most similar products available.
  • You may like it also because:  it is elegant, beautiful and intricately hand woven cane tray that comes with plenty of natural aesthetics and personality.  

Size: Dimensions of tray at the top are L x B = 36 x 27 cms. There will be slight variations in size and color. Being a natural product, it also may have marks and spots, which actually enhances its character. 

Care: Keep the product dry and clean. You can simply brush off dry dust or food particles. If needed, you may also use a moist cloth to clean it, then dry. When worn, you may refurbish, like any wood or bamboo product.

Country of Origin: India

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In international shipping, it takes 3-4 weeks time to reach the destination. Please contact us for any shipping related query.

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