Natural zero_waste loofah Scrubbers for Skin, Kitchen utensils, Counters etc, 12 Pieces | by Hi Eco

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This natural, eco-friendly (zero waste) and chemical-free loofah /luffa scrubbers can be used for many of daily scrubbing and cleaning needs such as bath skin brush/sponge or scrubber, hand scrubber at your wash basin, cleaning your utensils, kitchen counters and even bathroom floors. 
  • Excellent skin cleanser and it helps exfoliate.Natural loofah /luffa have been traditionally used for cleaning and scrubbing.
  • These loofahs/ luffas are cut to size of 4.5 inches long from a high quality, mature and dry sponge gourd. 
  • Sponge gourd used has been sourced from rural areas in North East India, where it normally grown under organic conditions. 

Use Instructions: Loofah expands and softens when dipped in water. Before use, kindly dip the loofah in water, then apply soap / bath gel or cleaning agents before use. After use, rinse thoroughly with water and leave to dry naturally using the hanging loop. Replace them every 4-6 weeks or when too soft and worn. 

Enjoy your bath and scrubbing!

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