Natural bamboo picture or photo frame for gift, wall-hanging or table top | by Hi Eco

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hoWhat is it? 

Well, it is a picture frame made of natural bamboo for gifting. your wall or table top decor. Bamboo frame gives rustic, woody and natural look and feel to your room or desk or bedside unit. It stands out!  

Features and benefits

  • The beauty decor and functional piece of natural bamboo in color and visible fibres. Adds to natural ambience in your surroundings, whether you wish to place it on your work desk, bedside, wall or simply gift it away. 
  • Made from mature and treated bamboo to last long and protect from insects and borers. The product is hand-made with care by skilled artisans. 
  • Comes in different sizes for picture sizes of 4x6, 6x8, 8x10 inches. Check out options available. Sizes 4x6 and 6x8 have both options of desk-top and wall hanging. 
  • Easy to install. The picture comes with thin acrylic glass, mdf backcover and all necessary for installation. Very light overall.
  • Bamboo is a sustainable plant. It is ecofriendly. Please support natural products.


  • If you have a picture size of 4x6 inch, then order the frame size of 4x6 inch, so on. Indicated frame size is actually the size of a picture. 
  • In case you need any other size, please contact us. 

Country of Origin: India

Shipping : We ship in 2 days time. For India, it takes about 6-10 days to reach destination. In international shipping, it takes 3-4 weeks time to reach the destination.

International buyers: Please contact us directly for shipping times and costs, or any query.

Thank you for supporting us and contributing to the natural world!