Wooden multi-branch perch for small & medium pet birds | by BIRDTOYZ

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  • PRODUCT: A perch with 4 different perches, all made of natural wood, no chemical treatment to wood. One toy that offers many places to perch to your pet birds.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Using attached bolt, stainless steel washers and wing-nut, it is easy to install by hand, no extra tools necessary. It is equally easy to install 4 perch pieces onto the main vertical wood, just a bolt to insert and tighten.
  • VARIETY OF USES: Hang it inside a cage, or install it upright on top of your cage (if your birds enjoy outside the cage).
  • EXTRA BENEFIT: Hang it from a free and higher place such as a ceiling of your room, we have provided an extra natural jute rope. Birds get bored with same location; this toy helps to manage that.
  • BIRD-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Made of natural tree branches (barks removed), comes with natural unevenness, texture and feel for your birds' feet. It is plastic free, chemical free birdtoy. 
  • RIGHT SIZE: 4 wooden perches are 10 cms long and about 1.5-2 cms thick, right size for feet grip of small and medium size pet birds.
  • CARE TIP: Please keep the toy dry. If wet or moist due to cleaning, dry it before using again. The bird may bite or try to shred the wood, no harm. The wood used is hardwood and bird-safe. Change the location of your toy from time to time; birds get bored easily inside a cage.


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