Hanging bamboo planter | Vintage planter | Ikebana planter | 2 Pieces

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Its handmade bamboo planter made of natural bamboo for use as a hanging planter with natural jute rope attached to it. It can be used both for natural and artificial flowers, for outdoor garden, balcony decor, terrace, hallway or lobby interior decor. 2 pieces of planter of similar size.

The bottom of the planter is the natural bamboo node (for better better strength), no plywood or woods to cover the hollow. The jute rope is attached for hanging.

Natural and sustainable bamboo for your home decor; to enhance the beauty and naturalness of surroundings. This hanging planter is made of natural bamboo and has been treated (with mild chemicals such as salts) against insect attacks and borers. The bamboo planter comes tethered with a natural jute rope arranged aesthetically.

The product comes in two colours - 1) natural clear colour, without any staining and 2) Dark brown stain, in case you wish for a more contrast against light colored walls . In both, fibres of bamboo are visible to maintain the the look of naturalness.

The product can also be a gift to your friend or colleague.

The height of the product varies, 12-15 cms. Width of the product can vary from 7 to 11 cms. Being a natural product, there will be variation in size and colour. 

It can be used in decorative displays in not just private home, but also in shopping centers, offices, and other public locations. Suggestion will be to use plants that requires little care and efficient at removing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene.


  • Keep it away from direct sunlight. Avoid placing in spots, such as near heat or air conditioning ducts.
  • When watering plants, take care that the water stay inside the planter and not drip over too much. 
  • The product can be refurbished/revarnished.

Country of Origin: India

Shipping: We ship in 2 days time.

For India, it takes about 8-10 days to reach destination. In international shipping, it takes 3-4 weeks time to reach the destination.

Thank you for contributing to this natural world!