Natural and zero waste loofah Bath Scrubber Sponge for Skin, 2 Pieces | by Hi Eco

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This is a natural, eco-friendly (zero waste), plastic-free and chemical-free loofah sponge can be used as bath skin brush/ scrubber. 
  • Environment friendly, excellent skin cleanser and it helps exfoliate.Natural loofah (luffa) have been traditionally used for cleaning and scrubbing.
  • These loofahs/ luffas are made from high quality long, large,mature and healthy sponge gourds. They are then folded for thicker, more spongy and soft feel and hand stitched. It also helps with easy grip while scrubbing. 
  • Sponge gourd used has been sourced from rural areas, where it normally grown under organic conditions. 
  • Our loofahs come from sponge gourd that are grown in rural areas of North East India, where they are grown under organic conditions.

Use Instructions: Loofah expands and softens when dipped in water. Before use, kindly dip the loofah in water, then apply soap / bath gel before use. After use, rinse thoroughly with water and leave to dry naturally using the hanging loop. Replace them every 4-6 weeks or when it becomes too soft and worn. 

Enjoy your bath and scrubbing!

Country of Origin: India

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