Black millet sprays for pet birds (100g)

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What is it? 

It is a black foxtail millet sprays meant for pet birds' feeding and foraging or bird treat. 

Features and benefits 

Millets are well-known favourite grains of many species of birds including pet birds such as parakeets (budgies), and all species of parrots. Even garden birds like sparrows like to eat them. It can be an excellent treat for birds. 

They are seasonal food. But if kept well, free of worms and molds, they can be fed throughout the year. Particularly during winter months, due to its high fat content.

These millets were grown under organic conditions in our hilly region.

Size/length of sprays vary from about 10-15 cms or more. Each pack has 100g net of millet sprays. 

This product can be shipped only within India.