Pet bird colour and shape skill learning and trick training toys for budgies and parrots

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What is this? 

It is a colour and shape matching pick-and-drop toy for pet birds such as love-birds (parakeets), small parrots, cockatiels etc. It is one of the all time favourites of bird trick and training  toys. Pet birds love to play and they like bright colours. This toy would serve both of those characteristics of your loving birds.

Features and benefits

There are 4 different engraved/hollowed-out shapes on a base block, each shape has different bright color. The bird would pick-up a shape and place it onto the hollowed out base that has a matching colour and shape. The shapes are designed to give different of difficulty and variety to the bird.

Materials are bird-safe. All materials are made of pine wood and bamboo. No plastics. The colour used is a edible food colour. 

The size of toy items is suitable for both small and medium birds. The size of block is about 14x10 cm, height is also 3 cm. The shapes have a handle for easy bite.    

Keep your pet birds engaged with toys, make them feel lively and happy.  Encourage your pet birds to play with these toys, learn skills, and recognize shapes, sizes, smell and colors. It also helps to develop coordination and dexterity through natural activities. Your bird may require many toys because one toy may not fulfill the entire requirement


  • Your pet birds may initially hesitate to use the perch. A bit of coaxing and treats may be required with some grains and fruits.
  • There are Youtube channels available teaching how to train birds on such toys.

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