Birdtoy of bamboo ball with handle for pet birds, such as budgies, cockatiels, conures etc - 4 pieces

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Product Information

  • Name: Woven bamboo ball with a handle, a birdtoy
  • Uses: As a birdtoy for small and medium pet birds such as parakeet, budgies, finches, cockatiel, lovebirds etc.  It is a foot toy for biting, chewing, pecking or shredding. 
  • Size: Ball size is about 1/2 - 2/3" inches, and handle is 1" long. Just the right size and weight even for small birds. 
  • Quantity: 4 pieces in a pack. 
  • Materials: Woven natural bamboo.  No plastic, toxic chemicals or glues.  


Benefits for birds

  • Bird-safe natural materials. It is very light. Easy and fun to play with. 
  • Playing with feet and beak is natural and essential activity for birds, just the way we use our hand and legs. Biting or pecking not only is an exercise but also help them to keep their beak trimmed and healthy. This bamboo ball woven with a handle is a foot toy or foraging toy (with other items stuffed inside it). The handle is meant for holding the ball.
  • Leave some balls on the floor or hang it at accessible location in cage. 
  • Foraging is a natural activity for birds. You may leave seeds or food for birds inside the ball. It will promote foraging.

Care and Tips

  • Your pet birds may initially hesitate to use it. A bit of coaxing may be required with some grains and fruit bits placed in such a way to encourage it.
  • Keep natural toys dry to avoid any mold formation. If required, dry in the sunlight.


  • Product is hand-made by rural artisans in Meghalaya (India).
  • Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants in the world. Meghalaya has plenty of bamboo forests. Bamboo is used for food, utilities, housing etc.

Country of Origin: India


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