Dry Lemon grass for DIY birdtoys, 1 bunch

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Pet birds such as parakeets (budgies), conures, cockatiels, different kinds of parrots need toys to play, to bite, to have fun, to stay healthy and happy.   

In case you wish to make your own birdtoys, these sun-dried lemon grasses are meant for that. Lemon grasses birdsafe and quite popular among birds (and birdlovers). With these you may make a shredding and foraging toys for birds. You may also combine these beads with other materials such as wooden bead, sola wood, loofah, neem bark etc. Make it the way you may want the toys, or your birds may prefer.

The green lemon grasses are obtained garden and are sundried. These come bunches, each grass blade is more than 1 ft. The price indicated is for 1 bunch.