Birdtoy combo: Bamboo ladder (a set of 2 ladders) and 12" long tree branch perch (1 qty) for small and medium pet birds

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What is it?

This is a combo of 2 different birdtoy products for small and medium pet birds such as conure, ring neck parrot, budgies, pinches, cockatiels, African grey parrot etc. The products are a) a set of 2 pieces of colored bamboo ladder and b) a natural tree branch perch. 

Features and benefits

 Bamboo ladder (a set of 2 ladders)

  • Ladders help your birds with easy access to their perches, swings and other toys in your birdcage. They also help birds exercise by facilitating movement.
  • The bamboo ladder set 2 different lengths (25 and 30 cms) in one pack to suit the size of your birds and cage. The width of the ladder is 3 inches for better stability. One of end of ladder is fitted with hooks for easy attachment and support. Ladders' sleepers are 1 cm wide for better grip and comfort to birds feet.
  • Bird ladder is made of strong and mature natural bamboo, which is durable and non-toxic. The bright colors are bird-safe, non-toxic edible food colors.

Tree branch perch (1 piece, 12" long)

  • Perching is a natural activity for birds, just like walking or sitting for humans. Your pet bird will enjoy the feel and touch of natural materials. The bird perch is made of bird-safe natural tree branch. It is bendy and retains a branchlet to mimic a tree branch the birds perch on in their natural habitat.
  • 100% eco-friendly, no plastics. Safe for birds. The bark has been removed from wood pieces and heat treated for extra safety.
  • The diameter is about 1 inch is comfortable for bird feet’s grip.  
  • It can be easily attached to a cage with a nut and bolt arrangement provided. The smaller end of perch has a hole/slit to tie with a rope if required. 

The combo offers a substantial discount over purchasing each product individually. 

Tips: Please keep toys absolutely dry to avoid any rotting or mold formation. If necessary, consult an expert and disinfect the toys. The bird may at be hesitant at first, may take time to play with new toys, be patient. 


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