Bird toys combo: Mixed wooden chewable beads strings (1qty) and wooden rope ladder (1 piece) for small and medium pet birds

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What is it?

This is a combo of 2 different bird toy products for small and medium pet birds such as conure, ring neck parrot, budgies, pinches, cockatiels, African grey parrot etc. The products are a) Mixed wooden beads string and b) Wooden rope ladder.

Features and benefits

Mixed wooden bead bite string

  • Biting and pecking is a natural and healthy activity for most pet birds. Pecking helps to keep beaks sharpened and provides exercise. Without sharp beaks they cannot eat well. This toy provides a large variety of different shapes, texture, smell, taste of different natural woods.
  • Natural and safe for your birds. These are natural wood beads or blocks strung together with a jute rope. Wood beads clean and thoroughly sun-dried for disinfection. There are no plastic parts or chemical treatments.
  • Colored wood blocks used only non-toxic food color. Birds like vibrant colors.
  • Each string is about 5 inches. There are 6 strings. It gives adequate quantity of natural materials for birds to enjoy.  

        Wooden rope ladder

        • Ladders help your birds with easy access and reach to their perches, swings and other toys in your birdcage. They also help birds exercise by facilitating movement.
        • All materials are bird-safe, eco-friendly, there are no plastics or glues in it. Wooden pieces are birdsafe, and may even be chewed by birds.
        • These are handmade of wooden sleepers, joined by handwoven jute rope. Very sturdy and strong product. 
        • Ladder width is about 4 inch and length 14-15 inches, sufficiently long for extra fun. Extra long jute ropes can be used for securing the ladder.

            The combo offers a substantial discount over purchasing each product individually. 

            Tips: Please keep toys absolutely dry to avoid any rotting or mold formation. If necessary, consult an expert and disinfect the toys. The bird may be hesitant at first, may take time to play with new toys, be patient. 


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