Bamboo Toy Ladder for birdcages, for small & medium pet birds, made of natural bamboo | 2 sizes in 1 pack

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What is it? 
This is a toy ladder birdcage accessory for small and medium cage bird pets such as parakeet, budgies, finches, cockatiel, lovebirds etc.
Features and benefits
  • There are 2 different lengths (25 and 30 cms) in one pack to suit the size of your birds and of cage. Width of the ladder is 3 inches plus for better stability. One of end of ladder is fitted with hooks for easy attachment to cage wall or any bar. 
  • Bird ladder is made of strong and mature natural bamboo, which is durable and non-toxic. The bright colors are bird-safe, non-toxic food colors.
  • Ladders' sleepers are 1 cm wide for better grip and comfort to birds feet.
  • These ladders will help your birds with easy access to their perches, swings and other toys in your birdcage. You can install these ladders against the cage wall or on bars inside the cage. Use your creativity to place them to help your birds derive maximum fun and exercise.

Keep your pet birds in in your birdcage engaged with toys, make them feel energetic, lively and happy even in the cage even in your absence at home. 

Your per birds are encouraged to play with these toys, learn skills, and recognise shapes, sizes and colours. It also helps to develop coordination and dexterity through natural activities like climbing and swinging. Your bird may require many toys because one toy may not fulfill the entire requirement


  • Your pet birds may initially hesitate to use the toy ladder. A bit of coaxing may be required with some grains and fruits placed in such a way to encourage climbing on it.
  • Change the placement and location of this bird toy regularly. This will help to mitigate boredom and improve exercise in different positions.

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