Birdtoy for biting, shredding and chewing made of natural materials for small and medium pet birds.

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What it is?

This is a bird toy made up of a string of chewable and shreddable natural materials -  loofah, areca or palm leaf (cover or sheaths) and wooden beads. This birdcage accessory is suitable for small and medium cage bird pets such as budgies, cockatiel, lovebirds, connure, other types of parrots etc.

Features and benefits
  • Shredding/ biting is natural activity of birds. Shredding keeps them happy, energetic and healthy. It sharpens their beak too. In absence of shredding toys, the bird will tend to shred other available materials in cage of in a house. 
  • This shredding birdtoy is made of natural and safe materials; loofah, areca/palm leaf and wooden beads, strung together with a jute rope. All toy parts are cleaned and sun-dried to kill disinfect. There are no plastic parts or glues. Parts, if colored, use non-toxic and edible food color.  
  • The toy has sufficient nooks and crannies that you may also spray seeds in the toy for birds to enjoy foraging on it too. 
  • Because of variety of materials, your bird can enjoy variety of texture, smell and taste. 
  • There are 2 strings in a pack. each string is 4 inches. It gives adequate quantity of natural materials for birds to enjoy. You may hang the toy in the cage accessible to birds to play and enjoy. In case you want a longer version of this birdtoy, click here. 

You birds will find this toy very enjoyable with a variety of materials and colors. You can install inside the cage, in a manner that is most useful for your birds to derive maximum fun and exercise. As a bird lover, try to keep your pet birds busy, lively and happy with toys even in your absence.  

Encourage them to play with these toys, learn skills, and recognize shapes, sizes, texture, taste, color and smell. Your birds require many toys because one toy may not fulfill the entire requirement


  • Your pet birds may initially hesitate to use the toy ladder. A bit of coaxing may be required with some grains and fruits placed in such a way to encourage pecking on it. In fact we suggest you put some grains in it so that your birds may enjoy foraging on it.
  • Change the placement and location of this bird toy regularly. This will help to mitigate boredom and improve exercise in different positions.

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