Bird Feeder and Water Drinker 2-in-1, Unique Bamboo Product for Garden Birds | by Hi Eco

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This unique product is a bird feeder and water-feeder, two functions in one product. It is handmade from natural eco-friendly bamboo materials. This bird feeder cum water-feeder is suitable for small garden birds such as finches and sparrows, robins ets. Design and materials of this product will complement your surroundings. 100% plastic free, natural product for nature lovers.

There are two pockets troughs - one each for keeping feeds and water. It can be hung from a tree branch or your balcony. Jute rope harness is provided. Bamboo Roof or shade is provided for some protection against elements. Bamboo is mature and hard, and treated against borers. No coloring, we have kept it as natural as possible.

External length is 12 inches, each pocket is of 5 inches length, depth of nearly 2 inches.

Care: Preferably keep in shade of tree or balcony. It can be cleaned and washed.

Handmade by our staff.

Shipping : We will ship it in 2-3 days. For India, it takes about 8-10 days to reach destination. In international shipping, it takes 3-4 weeks time to reach the destination.

Thank you for supporting us and contributing to the natural world!