A Hanging Birdhouse For Small Birds | Birdhouse for Room or Garden Decor | by Hi Eco

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Birdhouse for bird lovers, for pet or chirpy birds in your garden. It is handmade of natural bamboo cane. This eco-friendly homemade birdhouse is the right size and comfortable for small garden birds such as sparrows and finch. Let birds use it as a nesting house and stay, while you enjoy their company and chirping.

Because this birdhouse is handcrafted from natural cane, it looks rustic and vintage. It looks great even as a decor in your living room. (Tip: use it as a lighting decor).

Made entirely of bamboo. No plastic parts at all, 100% plastic free. Because the birdhouse is handwoven, It is easy and convenient to clean with brush or just some splash of water. You can hanging it from a tree branch or balcony with provided jute rope.

Overall height 22+ cms, diameter is 14 cm. Entry opening is 4-5 cms wide. Larger than most competitive products. Being a natural material and handmade, there will be size and color variations.

If necessary, one can flush water to clean. This product can be washed, cleaned and even coloured if you wish. It is preferable to place it under shade.

Country of Origin: India

Shipping: We ship in 2 days time.

For India, it takes about 8-10 days to reach destination. In international shipping, it takes 3-4 weeks time to reach the destination.

Thank you for contributing to our natural world!