FAQ - About us

1. How long have you been in business?

    We have been in the business of marketing and selling online since 2017, more than 3 years. We have been selling on major online marketplaces in India and internationally. Before that we used to sell local products locally.

    2. What makes you different from your competitors?

    We deal with natural products made from resources available in our region. Our region is unique in that it is rich in diverse natural resources, yet the region is very poor and available resources are not utilised sustainably. We aim to make some positive difference in that. We source our raw materials from rural farmers.

    Our products are natural, hand-made and we minimize packaging as much as we could.

    3. Do you sell imported or ‘made in china’ products?

    We do not sell imported or ‘made in china’ products. Our products are hand-made by local staff from local and natural resources.

    4. From where do you operate?

    We are located in a small yet beautiful town of Tura, in the state of Meghalaya in India.